My name is Eugene Thornhill.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast who loves nothing more than being one with nature.

I’ve lived in numerous outdoor homes and even constructed my own.

Living off-grid is something I’m very familiar with, more so than living in the city.

For many years I’ve dealt with the many problems of living off-grid. It’s time to pass on my knowledge through Cabinguides.

The Story of CabinGuides

The idea of creating a outdoors blog had been floating around in my head for years. Every time someone had come to me for advice or asked me a question related to outdoor living, I thought to myself “Perhaps someone else would also need help with this”.

For years I had the idea however I just didn’t have to time to make it happen. However after leaving my job in 2017, I knew it was time to start something big.

Thus CabinGuides was created. This allowed me to answer commonly asked questions on a much larger scale than face-to-face. This meant that when someone would ask me a question, I was able to redirect them to a relevant article on the website instead of constantly reiterating the same information time and time again.

Whenever I’m asked a new question that I haven’t yet covered on CabinGuides, I write it down and begin drafting an article to answer the question. This has allowed me to expand my blog as I’m constantly provided with new content ideas.