Best Car Camping Sleeping Pad in 2022

Outdoor activities can be so tiring, and sometimes it’s a hassle to go back home to take a nap. That is why it is wise to have a sleeping pad on your must-have list when you plan to go for an outside adventure.

It is a simple device that provides padding and thermal insulation.

You’ll never know how cold it is at night or if the weather starts to rain.

While sleeping pads are important for giving us a good night sleep, being warm is also important. Having a comfortable surface to put your tired body, feet, and mind is the best way to re-energize.

So, to get you going on your camping trip, here are the five best car camping sleeping pad that you can choose from.

Best Car Camping Sleeping Pad

Fox Outfitters Airlite Sleeping Pad

This air sleeping pad comes with a unique foam foot pump that does need batteries to fill the air on your pad. It has a sharp design that can stand up to any camping floor. Fox Outfitters Airlite Sleeping Pad is durable with its Diamond Ripstop fabric that is made to resist tears. The thick tubular design will give you the same comfort of your bed at home. Also, you can adjust the amount of air to put in the pad depending on your will.


Pros: It is designed for superior pack-ability while providing a wonderful sleep experience.


Cons: It is extremely narrow and too hard to switch sleeping position.

Holleyweb Ultralight Camping Air Mattress

This air sleeping pad gives comfort, flexibility, and firmness while holding its shape. It is easy to store and attach to fin in your backpack for just a casual weekend hike. Holleyweb Ultralight Camping Air Mattress is a full-length pad perfect for backpackers. The nylon material of this mattress supports and enhance the comfort while keeping you warm.


Pros: The mattress is insulated fit for 3-season backpacking situations.


Cons: It takes time to inflate as the air tends to go all to the pillows.

LivBright Lightweight Sleeping Pad

This air sleeping pad allows you to save space without losing the quality of a super light, compact and waterproof material. It is an ultra-comfortable sleeping pad made for outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, or hiking. LivBright Lightweight Sleeping Pad has thick pads which are great for people who sleep on their sides, stomach, and back. The camping air pad has a 30-day manufacturer’s back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


Pros: It is easy to inflate with built-in pillow and repair kit.


Cons: It is not insulated and is not meant for a cold night.

STOÏK’D Camping Sleeping Pad

This air sleeping pad provides a padded comfort for a well-rested night. It measures 72 inches by 20 inches by 1.5 inches, thick enough for camping pads and an assurance that you won’t wake up with a sore feeling. STOÏK’D Camping Sleeping Pad is built to last, it has been tried and tested that can last up until the end of your camping trip. The finest materials of this pad will keep you comfortable whether sleeping on the ground or in your car. Also, the goal of the manufacturer is to promote a high-quality outdoor gear and accessories for outdoor lovers out there.


Pros: It has an emergency blanket to keep you warm at night or during cold weather.


Cons: It is a bit narrow and not very thick.

AMPM Outdoors Lightweight Sleeping Pad

This air sleeping pad offers a comfort and coziness when you go camping without carrying excessive equipment. It is an essential camping gear that is extremely compact and lightweight with only 0.9 pounds. AMPM Outdoors Lightweight Sleeping Pad is easy to fold and comes in a useful travel bag that you can bring anywhere. The air mattress only takes 10-15 pumps to inflate and you will enjoy the comfort of a 2.2 inches thick.


Pros: It does not lose any air or deflate during the night.


Cons: The fabric is very thin and slick.

Types of Sleeping Pads

Most sleeping pads are inflatable, but there is also a combination of air and foam, the three types of sleeping pads are as follows:

Air Pads

Most air pads are lighter and are ideal for backpacking. It contains insulation to provide warmth and comfort to users. You can inflate these pads manually through breathing, built-in hand pump, or external hand pump. If you don’t want your breath to get trapped inside then better use a hand pump.

Although it creates crinkly sound when you move around, it is still an incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and most compact pad. The 3 R-value is perfect in providing additional insulation for warm conditions. You can adjust how much air you want in your mattress by releasing some air on it.

Self-Inflating Pads

This pad offers a combination of air and foam, just open the valve and the air will automatically fill the pads. It can be folded lengthwise then roll up to fit inside your bag. Self-inflating pads are the warmest, widest, and cheapest among pads. They are very comfortable, compact, and have an excellent insulation.

Closed-Cell Foam Pads

It is the most basic pad that is made of dense foam with closed air cells. They very light, cheap, and durable that offers good insulation. These are the only pad that you don’t have to worry about punctures and leaks. It is usually rolled up and can be doubled as sit pads.

Features to Consider

Any sleeping should have these features in able to maximize its usage and benefits. Below are ten features buyer needs to consider before choosing their sleeping pads.

Insulation and R-Value

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, a good insulation for a pad is a must. We need it to have a good night sleep because we lose body heat on the ground. Most air and self-inflating pads have a layer of insulation inside which is very useful in cold environments.

R-value measures the capacity of the sleeping pad to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value the more insulation you can get. Thicker pads have higher R-values, the average value should be 3 for a summer season and at least 4 for a cold season. Also, having a high rating does not mean that it will lead to overheating.

Sleeping Pad Weight

Lighter pads are excellent for backpacking. Mummy shape pad reduces volume and packs smaller. This is ideal for a person who doesn’t want to have heavy things while doing outdoor activities. But not that these pads are more expensive than heavier ones.

Sleep Pad Length

Typically, the length of an average pad is 72 inches long. Longer pads can insulate your legs and feet, especially on chilly nights. Shorter pad weighs less and pack smaller but is not long enough.

Sleeping Pad Width

The standard pad width is 20 inches and most pad measures the same. If you are a tall and large person you can find wider pads. Very often, longer pads also offer wider as well.

Sleeping Pad Construction

Some pads have larger rails to keep you from rolling as you switch your sleeping position. It features built-in pillows that are nice for children.

Sleeping Pad Inflation

Pads have an inflation and deflation valve which can speed the ins and outs flow of air. They have larger neck openings that have fast inflation. Some pads have several layers so when one fails, the others will still give you some cushioning.

Sleeping Pad Surfaces

A pad with fabric surface is perfect for restless sleepers. This will keep you from sliding off when you’re asleep.

Sleep systems

Pad with a sleeve to hold the pad can also keep you from sliding.

Hand Pumps

If you don’t want to waste your breath anymore, make sure to find a pad with a hand pump included.

Patch Kits

It is a good extra for backpacking, just know how to patch a puncture before you go on a hike or camp because it’s hard to repair in the dark.

Sleeping Pad Comparison

When it’s your first time to buy a sleeping pad and you wonder what best suits you based on your activities, try to consider these things:

Activity Type of Pad
Car Camping Self-Inflating Pad or Air Pad

Bike Packing
Kayak & Canoe Touring

Air Pad
Minimalist Backpacking Air Pad
Hiking Closed-Cell Foam Pad
Winter Camping Air pad or Self-Inflating Pad

Gear for Sleeping Outdoors

Camping gives us the opportunity to be one with nature. Aside from sleeping pads, there are other things you need to bring with you. Listed below are some items you need in having a good night sleep outdoors.

Sleeping Bags

Choose a sleeping bag that is appropriate for your trip. Car camping bags are quite big to fill with necessary things you need. While backpacking bags are meant for a close and warmer fit and are lighter.


You can bring one from your house or an inflatable camp pillow. Although some sleeping pad has built-in pillows.

Eye mask and Earplugs

These items are optional if you feel you need this to feel comfortable then do so. It can help you to block the light when you’re sleeping and lessen the noise from insects and other animals.

Tips for Sleeping Outdoors

  • Choose a tent site that has a flat and durable surface, away from sticks, rocks, and pinecones.
  • Keep a handy light with you, we all know how dark it is in the forest or mountains. It’s always helpful to have a small LED light to use for emergency.
  • Make sure to keep all your food outside your tent. Learn to keep your trash properly to avoid trashing the nature. Also, do not use scented items that can easily attract animals like bears.
  • Wear clothing such as jacket on the outside of your bag to add insulation or bring old comforters for car camping.
  • Try to relax when there are sudden noises or movements outside your tent. Be cautious but be calm. Be prepared and be careful.
  • Eat a light meal before going to bed, the digesting your food creates heat you need to sleep comfortably.


Camping is a very fun outdoor activity for the whole family. It’s an adventure trip for you and your loved ones to have a special moment, something memorable and will last a lifetime. It doesn’t have to take weeks to enjoy the outdoor living. You just have to plan and prepare for the things you want to experience.

Sleeping pads are one of the most important items you need to pack when you plan for a hike or camp. This will give you the comfort of home while enjoying what Mother Earth has to offer. The sceneries, fresh air, and the sound of nature are some of the things to look forward to. And not only, you will have some quality with your family, friends, classmates, co-workers, and loved ones, that you will treasure forever.

This article shows 5 Best Car Camping Sleeping Pad in 2022. It includes the types of sleeping bags, features that should be involved, and some tips to get you through sleeping outdoors. STOÏK’D Camping Sleeping Pad is a great deal for campers out there, especially for beginners. It is comfortable to use and not to mention quite stylish for picky users. The emergency kit is perfect for unwanted situations that can come up.

So if you are planning to have an outdoor adventure, take time to read this article and don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks!

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