Top 5 Best Dual Fuel Generators Reviews 2022

Generators are really important for places that do not have electrical supply or for power outages.

A generator has to be chosen wisely according to one’s need.

Due to the increasing price of most sources of fuel, the generators which have the ability to take two fuels are getting popular.

The dual fuel generators are efficient, and one can easily use a fuel according to its availability and cost-effectiveness. The initial cost of such a generator is more, but it helps one in the long run. The generators which use propane as a fuel will be more efficient and cost-effective.

Some of the best dual fuel generators available in the market:

Champion 3800 Portable Generator

This is one of the best dual fuel generators that are available in the market. The model has a good reputation, and it has been much loved by most people that have used it. It is quite cost effective as well for the features that it comes with.

There is a tonne of feature that the generator presents one with. The dual fuel system allows one to have an option over the fuel they want to use. They can use propane on a daily basis to keep the emissions low. But in an emergency or in cases of propane shortage, gasoline can come handy.

It can be said that this dual fuel generator is a great addition to a household. It is efficient, and it does all the things that it claims to do. It is also budget friendly and sturdy in nature. The generator has great portability, and it wouldn’t let down its user. In case of any problem, the warranty period of 3 years will come handy.


  • The main feature is the dual fuel function. The generator runs on both gasoline and propane.
  • The generator starts with 4750 watts; the running power is 3800 watts.
  • On gas, the generator is able to run for 9 hours when the tank is full. The generator can also run for 10.5 hours on a 20lb cylinder of propane.
  • The generator has a 224cc Champion engine and has a touch start present. The battery is included for electrical start
  • The noise level of the generator is 69 dBa
  • The generator has a gas tank of 3.4 gal
  • 4 outlets are present in the generator: 120V 30A RV, 120V 30A locking, two of 120V 20A and Volt Guard is present to protect against problems
  • 3 years warranty is also given by the company
  • The running power of the generator is great for both fuels.
  • The sound emission is quite low and will cause no disturbance to the environment.
  • The volt guard allows the devices connected to the generator to be safe.
  • The touch starts feature great as it helps in starting the generator without any hassle.
  • The connecting hose for the propane tank is not given along with the generator.

Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Portable Generator

This is another great generator that comes with a powerful engine. People have loved it due to its efficiency and the feel of it. The generator looks quite regal, and it is priced quite accurately for a dual fuel generator. The portability of the machine is also increased by the frame that is provided. This has quickly become a fan favorite as soon as it was launched in the market. A power panel is provided with the generator. It contains fuel indicator, key start switch, volt meter and circuit outlets. Low oil indicator and shut off light is also present in the same space.

Thee run time of the generator is brilliant for its price. People can obviously choose to use propane as the main form of fuel as it can make the generator run for up to 20 hours on half load, which is a great thing. It also helps in creating no negative emissions for our environment. This generator is a great thing to have at a house or a site where a generator is needed. The utilization of propane makes it cost-effective, and the other features make it a must-have. One can easily make this one-time investment to have a great generator.


  • This generator comes with 7 HP air cooled DuroMax OHV engine.
  • The frame provided is heavy duty, and isolated motor mounts have also been provided
  • The output power of the generator is 3850 watts, and the starting power is 4850 watts
  • The fuels that the generator can run on are gasoline and propane
  • The generator can store 4 gallons of gasoline
  • One 50% load the generator is able to run for 20 hours on propane and for 8 hours in gasoline.
  • The heavy muffler frame cancels out most of the noise produced by the engine.
  • Thee run time of the generator is brilliant for its price.
  • The power panel of the generator has almost everything that one needs. This makes it easy for even a novice user of a generator.
  • The storage capacity of gasoline is also great.
  • The structure of the generator is great and anyone would able to move it as it has wheels included in the frame.
  • There are no cons to the product.

Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB

A very powerful generator which is quite good for places that need a constant supply of energy. The machine is quite sturdy and looks very good. It has quite good reviews in the market, and when compared to other dual fuel generators it is also very reasonably priced. So let us look at it a little deeply. If the whole review of the machine is taken, then the conclusion will be towards the pros. The generator is efficient and performs its work. This is one generator that can be used for powering homes in case of emergency, and the user wouldn’t be unsatisfied.


  • The two fuels that the generator can make use of is gasoline and propane.
  • The starting power of the generator is 7500 watts, and the running power of it is 6500 watts.
  • An electric start with battery is included in the generator.
  • The fuel capacity of the generator is 6.6 gallons in case of gasoline.
  • A fuel switch is present in the control panel for easy toggling between fuels.
  • The fuel gauge is present in it.
  • The generator is a heavy duty generator and can help in running electronic devices that use a lot of energy.
  • An electric start is provided to make the beast start easily.
  • The 9 hour run time on 50% load for such a heavy duty machine is quite good.
  • The price point that it comes to makes it quite affordable.
  • It eats up a lot more fuel than other dual fuel generators
  • Long-running times can easily heat up the machine

Champion 7500 Portable Generator

Champion is known for the generators that they make, and this is the second one on the list. This one is a powerful generator that can be used to provide energy for devices that require a higher percentage of power. The generator does it efficiently, and the customers have never had any complaints. Propane gas is one of the best gases that one can use. It doesn’t create emission in the environment and helps in keeping it green.

In conclusion, it can be said that this great generator that can be used. It will help tremendously in case of any power outages and in long periods of need for power. The propane usage makes it more efficient for the environment and one’s pocket as well.


  • The generator makes the use of either propane or gasoline to make the energy. It also has a low oil sensor in it.
  • The engine is 439cc Champion engine and has an electric start switch present
  • The voltage and runtime can be easily checked on its intelligent display
  • The starting power of the generator is 9375 watts, and the running power of it is 7500 watts on gasoline and 6750 watts on propane. A volt guard is present to prevent harm from voltage overloads
  • The generator can run for about 8 hours on gasoline and 5.5 hours on propane.
  • The propane hose is included in the box
  • 1.1 liter of engine oil is provided with the generator
  • The machine is very energy efficient.
  • The touch start makes it easier for a person to start the generator.
  • A 3 ft hose is provided in the box along with the starter kit which is great.
  • The generator is on the expensive side

Sportsman GEN7500DF Portable Generator

Carrying on with the heavy duty generators this is definitely one of them. The generator is efficient enough to power the appliances utilized around the house. It has a big fuel tank as well as makes the use of LPG which is a great step towards the environment. The generator is a very good piece for people who are looking for a dual fuel generator with an average budget. This generator will perform its job and will last a long time.


  • The staring power of the generator is 7500 Watts, and the running power is 6000 Watts.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 6.2 gallons, and on 50% load it can run up to 9 hours
  • Both recoil start and electric start are present in the generator. Automatic voltage regulation and automatic low oil shut down are also present.
  • The outlets present are: Four 120V AC, one 120V RV, one 120/240V and one 12V DC outlet
  • The engine included is of 13HP and emits the sound of less than 80 dB.
  • The hose for connecting the propane cylinder is also included
  • The generator does work efficiently, and it helps in powering devices quite impressively.
  • The 6.2-gallon fuel tank is quite good.
  • The engine has the function of quick start which is helpful for people who aren’t used to recoil starting.
  • There are several outlets to help a user use any kind of device that they want.
  • The frame of the generator is quite sturdy and the noise made is very low to be even noticed.
  • The hose and regulator that it comes with makes it even more helpful.
  • No cons were found for the product.

The list demonstrates some of the generators that are available in the market. There are other options that one can choose from, and they may even come with the newest technologies. These are some dual fuel generators that people have loved and vouch for their quality and sustainability.

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