Best Hunting Knife Sharpener – Reviews 2022

Knives are an important part of any hunting expedition that one may go on.

Keeping the knives sharpened ensures their longevity and also their performance while hunting.

Therefore It’s important to ensure you have the best hunting knife sharpener possible.

For a hunter, it is important to keep the tools sharp so that the task can be done quickly.

Hunting knife sharpeners makes the task easy and one can have sharp knives all the time. They are often multi-purpose as the sharpeners can be easily used to sharpen any type of knives that one may have. Let us see the benefits of a sharp knife.

Why should a knife be sharpened?

Hunters may have the question of the need of sharpening their knives. So here some points have been mentioned to let them know about the benefits that a sharpened knife may possess over an unsharpened knife.

  • One has to apply minimal force on a sharp knife, the blade of a sharp knife is able to penetrate the object easily. A sharp knife also allows the user to have greater precision on their target. A dull knife can often become a tedious process, and it also possesses a possibility of breakage.
  • A dull blade of a knife often becomes slippery which is the reason knife sharpeners should always be included in a hunter’s kit. A slip can usually lead to an accident, and that is why keeping a sharpened knife ensures a slip-free knife.
  • Sharpening of knives also benefits the health of the knife and gives the user more control on the knife. Sharpening is also easy and fast when done on one’s own.

There are several ways to sharpen one’s knives, and people can easily check out videos that are available on the internet.

They have to remember to practice on different knives before testing their skills on a good knife.

Sharpening one’s own knife is also quite affordable, and one wouldn’t need to visit a professional for it.

Hunter has been sharpening their knives through ages with the help of whetstones, but with time there has been innovation. New and easier ways have been designed to accommodate easy sharpening of knives. So, let us check out some of the ways to sharpen knives.

  • Whetstones have been a favorite way of sharpening one’s knife from a long period of time. The stones are rectangular in shape and consist of different textures. They help in removing material build-up on the blades, and people can have greater precision on them.
  • Electric knife sharpeners are the newest things on the market. They are motorized, and the knives are sharpened easily. But users have less precision on the knives.
  • Knife hones are also found due to it being popular for kitchen tools. They help in removing material from blades but aren’t fully effective for dull knives.
  • Sharpening steels are more helpful in keeping the knives in good shape. They are great to be utilized before using a knife.

There are several more types of knife sharpeners that one can choose from. But here some of the recommended sharpeners are given which are easily available. These sharpeners are easily available and are affordable as well.

The Best Hunting knife Sharpeners Available:

Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones

Stones are one of the great ways to sharpen a hunting knife in the right way. This knife sharpener is great as it allows superior precision to its users. It has three stones in it which makes it easier for people as they will only need to buy this product. All types of hunting knives can easily be sharpened on this to keep them in good condition.

If manual sharpening of the knife is someone’s forte, then this product will be perfect for them. The 3 stones provided make it easier and an affordable option. Also, the rotating shape makes it easier to store in comparison to individual stones.


  • The product contains 2 Arkansas stone of fine and medium variety, and also 1 coarse synthetic stone is provided. The grit present is 400, 600 and 1000.
  • The stones are provided in a triangular form that they can be rotated quite easily, and identification of the stones are also present.
  • The stones are set on a plastic frame, and a non-skid rubber foot is also provided for stability.
  • Sharpening guides are also present so that knives can be sharpened at the right angle.

  • The product is a great option as 3 stones are present in a set
  • The different grits help in sharpening the knives in a correct way
  • The rubber bottom also makes it easy to work on it
  • The ‘V’ through present helps in dripping the oil in an easy way
  • This is great to sharpen very dull knives
  • One needs to sharpen the knives according to the instruction to get the best results.

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

This product is for hunters who like to be fast and on-the-go at all times. It is slim and durable and provides you with the sharpening that one needs. This can be used by anyone who wants a sharpener which is easy to carry. So this is great for hunters as they have to travel light and they can easily carry it anywhere. The product is great as it is easy to carry and can be used by anyone. It is also beginner friendly and upcoming hunters can have it in their kits for a great hunting experience ahead.


  • This is an all in one product where several things are provided. This product has fine and coarse diamond plates, leather strop, fine and coarse ceramic rods and sharpening guides provided in its small structure.
  • The angles have been designed in a way that it provides proper sharpening. A 20-degree angle guide is provided for the diamond plates, and 25-degree guide is provided for honing.
  • The device is compact, and no installation or assembly is needed.

  • The best thing about this product is that everything is available at the same place. The 5 step system provides ease to the users.
  • The diamond plates are great for sharpening any type of knife. One can also remove them from the frame to do freehand sharpening.
  • The product being small can be easily taken in the bag or can be even attached to a belt. This makes it quite easy for any hunter to sharpen blades while on the hunting expedition.
  • The device is good for sharpening all kinds of knives that one can think of.
  • The product doesn’t have any cons.

Smith’s 50264 Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

The product is quite interesting and helps one get the desired sharpening of their dull knives. The product comes with an angle adjuster which makes the sharpening process a breeze. This product is a must-have for people who like quick sharpening and who do not like to use stones. This product is a must-have for beginners and also for people who like effortless sharpening. The knife can be pulled through easily without much hassle. The different angles help in sharpening different kinds of knives, and it also includes the slot for serrated knives.


  • The product can be used with standard and serrated knives.
  • Standard knives can be sharpened in two steps through the coarse and fine steps.
  • The degrees can be adjusted from 14 degrees to 24 degrees.
  • A fixed angle slot is provided for serrated blades.
  • The feet provided are made of non-slip rubber.
  • The abrasive component can be changed out.

  • As the angles can be manual changes, the product makes it easy to sharpen several types of knives.
  • It wouldn’t skid on the user due to the presence of rubber feet.
  • The sharpening is very effective and makes a blade razor sharp.
  • The function of sharpening a serrated knife is really great.
  • Only the edges of the knife can also be sharpened.
  • No cons of the product were found.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

An electric knife sharpener is able to make the life of a hunter easy and helps them do their sharpening jobs right before the hunting expeditions. Settings are also present to choose between the blade sizes to accommodate different sizes. If someone is looking for a quick way to sharpen their hunting knives, then this product can really help in getting their desired results. This knife sharpener is the best thing that a modern day hunter can use. The sharpener has 3 settings of angles through which sharpening of the right type of blade can be gained. The Sapphirite wheels are also the best of their kind to do the job in sharpening.


  • Has a three-step sharpening system.
  • Blade guides can be interchanged for better sharpening.
  • No pressure has to be applied as the sharpening is automatic.
  • The product also comes with a one year warranty.
  • The product comes with Sapphirite grinding wheels of course and fine type. The ceramic wheel is of extra-fine type.

  • The product is totally automatic which helps in gaining sharpened knives right at home.
  • The broad setting is perfect for sharpening all kinds of hunting knives.
  • Just one swipe through each blade is enough to have a desired sharpening.
  • There are no cons to this product. As it is an electronic device reading the manual before use is strictly advice.

Knife Sharpener Best Professional Kitchen & Hunting Knife Sharpening Tool

The modern-day needs a tool that is handheld and can be used with the minimal pressure. This tool has been made by keeping those things in mind, and any hunter can have a precision sharpening of the tool. The tool has 3 steps through which one can pass the blade to get desired results. This is a great product for those who love to use handheld products. This has an easy grip, and desired results can be achieved in a few swipes. This is also great for usage for knives that a hunter may use in case of meat and other food-related items.


  • 3 types of rods are present to perform different things on a knife. The included types are a diamond rod to sharpen the blades, a tungsten steel to sharpen and restore and a ceramic rod for the finishing and polishing of the knife.
  • The product can be used on both steel and ceramic knives and can also be used on scissors.
  • The tool is able to sharpen knives of all size and shapes.
  • The tools come with an ergonomic grasp which is easy to grip and is stable when placed on a flat surface. The design has been specially approved by FDA.
  • The tool has been made of steel that is of high quality. The plastic and all other components have been approved by FDA and can be used for kitchen knives safely.

  • The three-step wonder is really great for any knife to be it a hunting knife or a kitchen knife. A few swipes through each slot is enough.
  • The component is of good quality, and a hunter will be able to use the knives for kitchen purposes.
  • The product is designed well so that no accident happens.
  • Angles can’t be changed, and that is why it lacks manual precision.

Here are some of the best hunting knives sharpeners that hunters may choose to buy. These are great, and they will last a long time. The list has been made diverse so that everyone can have a pick of their own.

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