Top 5 Best Military Pocket Knives – Reviews 2022

Military Pocket Knives can be used as a multi-purpose tool for numerous reasons. Even for safety purposes, people use a pocket knife and they like to keep it with them always. A pocket knife should be convenient to carry, and they should fit in the pocket or a handbag quite easily. The knives are great to be considered as military pocket knives as they are handy and can be used in any case of emergency. The knives are small, but they are sharp enough to be used. A great pocket knife can always be handled using one hand, and it folds perfectly so that no damage is done to the user. But before buying a pocket knife, there are some key points that one needs to consider.


TOPS Knives MIL SPIE 3.5 Folding Knife

A military grade pocket knife is something that someone should get if they want the best pocket knife. The knife looks good and also has several purposes in it. It is sleek and simple just like a good knife should be. Its build quality is amazing, and if someone has the big budget, then this is definitely a must have a piece. The knife is meant for people who have the budget of a good knife. It has been tested at military grade so that it can feel good in hands. It also does work tremendously be it any work. The pocket knife is great for opening a parcel as well as to use for self-defense.


  • The overall length of the knife is 8.”
  • The blade length of the knife is 3.50.”
  • The blade is made of superior quality stainless steel of N690 grade.
  • The opener is a thumb stud opener.
  • The handle is made from skeletonized aluminum and has a black finish to it. Natural levels are also present in the handle.
  • A tool steel liner is provided in the handle.
  • The blade of the knife is razor sharp, and it can even dig through stiff vines and other hard objects.
  • The knife is very sturdy and can be easily used for tuff jobs.
  • The knife is designed beautifully and ergonomically which increases the viability of the knife.
  • The grip is fantastic on the product, and it will never slip out of hands.
  • The knife is quite lightweight, and it makes it easy to carry and use.
  • The folding and closing aren’t spring assisted, and that is the reason for the knife being stiff for the first few uses.

Columbia River M16-14SFG Special Forces Folding Knife

This is a budget knife, but it can be used in wonderful ways. You get the use of two knives in one as both serrated and plain edges are present in the knife. The knife has been made to provide utility to its user and is a much-loved product among its existing users. The knife is heavy duty even for the price that it comes in. This is a very good pocket knife that is affordable and is durable as well. It is good for the money, and anyone can buy it to avail the various benefits that it has. The knife delivers everything that it promises to do, and it also loved by everyone that has bought it to date.


  • The blade is made of stainless steel of the grade AUS 8.
  • The handle is made of aluminum and is lined with 420J2 Liner
  • A safety system called Auto LAWKS is present in the knife
  • The overall length of the knife is 9.25 inches
  • The blade length is 3.99 inches
  • When closed the knife measures 5.38 inches
  • Dual thumb studs are present so that the model is ambidextrous
  • The blade is in Tanto style, and tipple point serration is present
  • The first thing about the knife is its affordability, and it can do all the jobs very easily.
  • The knife can be opened easily with one hand, and the thumb studs can be operated with either hand.
  • The blade has a titanium nitride coating to prevent it from rusting, and it becomes durable.
  • The AutoLAWKS safety system is great, and it keeps the knife safe and secure.
  • There are no cons to the product

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife

This is another high budget knife that is among the best available pocket knives. It has a fine edge that can cut through anything and it is certified to have a military grade. It is good for military personnel and lover of pocket knives alike. This is a knife that one can have if they have a good budget and want a knife that will be durable. A knife is quite a great option if someone is looking for a good one. It looks stylish and also has legit military features associated with it. This is above budget for many, but people who use knives regularly can judge its superiority over budget ones. So people who really love pocket knives should at least have one of the knives from this company’s collection.


  • The overall length of the knife is 8.28.”
  • The blade length is 3.44.”
  • The closed length of the pocket knife is 4.8.”
  • The approximate weight of the product is 3.75 oz
  • The knife comes with a compression lock
  • The knife has to be opened manually and has an ambidextrous thumb hole
  • The blade is composed of stainless steel.
  • This knife has been designed by keeping military standards in mind, and that is why it is a great knife.
  • The plain edge provided in the knife is quite sharp
  • The compression lock present is one of the best features of a pocket knife
  • The thumb hole is big enough to be opened with gloved hands and is also ambidextrous
  • The model is lightweight and holds its edge for 3-4 uses.
  • No cons can be found of the knife

Gerber Decree Knife

This is a pocket knife that is small and edgy at the same time. It has tanto blade and makes its users love it to bits. The design of the knife is quite simple, but it is designed to be tactile and durable. The grip provided in the knife is very good, and people would love to have it. It is a medium budget product, and the mixing blade makes it a fan favorite. In conclusion, it can be said that this is a great knife and people enthusiastic to use a tanto blade knife can definitely buy this. As it falls in medium budget, it would also be good for people who cannot afford a high priced knife but want the feel of it


  • The knife comes with a modified tanto blade and has both serrated part and plain edge.
  • The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel and is coated with ceramic for durability
  • The handle has a rubberized diamond texture this helps in improving the grip of the knife and the base material is glass-filled nylon.
  • The knife has both thumb studs and finger flip mechanism to make the knife quick and easy to use
  • Blade length of the knife is 3.7.”
  • The total length of the knife is 8.7,” and closed length is 5.1.”
  • The product weighs 4.8oz
  • The knife is a great addition to anyone’s collection because of its durability and usability as well. It can be operated single-handedly, and it opens in seconds.
  • The tanto blade helps in making the pocket knife a multi-purpose tool.
  • The grip of the product is amazing and would never let the knife slip from one’s hands
  • The knife is lightweight and can easily be carried in one’s pocket or on the belt
  • A pointy glass breaker is also present for emergency situations
  • The lock mechanism of the pocket knife can be improved


BlizeTec Survival Knife: Best 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife

This is a budget-friendly knife, but it is unique in itself. It has a tonne of features that help in making it a true survival knife. The budget friendliness makes it a must have a product that one can include in their purses or pockets if they are looking for a good pocket knife. If someone is looking for a pocket knife that is all-in-one, then this is the best available on the market. This tool has everyone that one may need when they are outside and even in a strange place. This is budget friendly, and everyone should include this as a safety device.


  • The knife is a 5 in 1 product, so it has a drop point blade with serrated saw, a bright LED flashlight, fire starter, blade lock, seatbelt cutter and window breaker
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel and weighs 5.4 oz. It is just 8.5 inches long, and the blade is 3.5 inches long. When closed it is just 5 inches.
  • The knife comes with a lifetime warranty
  • This is a survival knife and has all the things that one person may need.
  • The blade is made of good quality, and the edge is quite sharp
  • The knife can be used as a survival tool, a camping tool, a military knife and several other uses
  • The grip is good on the knife, and it is safe to use
  • No cons of the product were found

Points to consider when buying a pocket knife:

A pocket knife can often be associated with the multi-purpose toolkits in a pocket. But often they also come with a single foldable blade. If the main purpose of the user is to have a knife, then a single blade is the best way to go. For military use, a single blade is the best thing.

The knife edge is also an important question. The edge can be plain, partially serrated or fully serrated. One has to know their importance based on the task and utilization. A plain edge is able to have a sharper and clean cut, but it cannot be used at rough structures. Whereas serrated blades can be utilized on rough objects but fail to give proper clean cuts. Combo edged knives that have both serrated and plain edges are good to have best of both on the same knife. One other thing is that serrated edges are hard to sharpen whereas plain edges can be sharpened easily.

The size of the blade is also a point to be noted when one is buying a pocket knife. A very small knife wouldn’t be able to perform all tasks, and neither would be an extra-large knife be considered a pocket knife. A medium sized blade between 3.5”-4” is considered the best as they are lightweight and durable at the same time. They are also considered the best for carrying.

The price of one’s military pocket knife will also be important to consider. One has to set a budget before getting the knife; the budget ensures the features that they want and the quality of the knife. Knives can range from $30 to $250, but one has to buy one according to the features they want and also the real reason for which they are opting for a military pocket knife.


Military pocket knives have many different usages, and are therefore an ensure tool to keep handy. This is especially so if you’re staying off-grid and want to carry something with you for safety. I have an article in which I explain how to stay safe in the wilderness which you can view here also. The products mentioned in the list have been tried and tested by several people. They are of the best quality, and if someone is looking for military pocket knives, then one can easily choose from these. They must, of course, keep the budget in mind before opting for something.


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