Top 5 Best Portable Diesel Generators for Sale

Diesel generators are really important for people who need to have electricity in an area where there is no source of electricity.

It is also quite helpful in places where people are using power tools a lot.

Often people make the use of heavy-duty diesel generators, but at this age, it is advisable to get a portable diesel generator.

Portable machines can be easily taken anywhere, and they are compact as well. You cannot undermine them just because of their size.

A good portable generator has everything that a good machine needs. One just has to know the power strength that they are looking for and they would be good to go. For your help, we have tried to compile a list of the five best portable diesel generators that are available on the market.

Best portable diesel generators that you can find:

Pulsar PG7000D Diesel Powered Generator

Pulsar has been known for their power equipment for a long time. If you go to camping trips frequently, then this is a machine that you need to have. The machine is apt for working at the circumstances that you would give to it. It is a consumer grade product, and that is why people looking for commercial purposes should avoid it.

  • The portable diesel generator has size dimension of about 38×32.5 x22 inches.
  • The weight of the machine comes to about 353 pounds.
  • The starting system that the machine uses is electric in nature. The battery for this feature has been provided with the generator.
  • The small diesel generator runs on voltages of 120/240 and 12.
  • The motor is a 1 Cylinder, 4 stroke motor and has air cooling feature.
  • The fuel capacity of the generator is 4 Gallons.
  • With 50% load it can run for about 11 hours, and with 100% load, it will run for about 7 hours.
  • The sound that it makes during operation is 69.0 dB.
  • The outlets provided with the generator are NEMA 5-20R Duplex (20 Amp 120), 12 Volt DC (8.3 Amp) and NEMA L14-30R (30 Amp 120/240).
  • The machine is a very powerful machine and can run about 7000 watts which is great. This is greater than most of the portable generators available.
  • The machine also comes with accessories like wheel kit, portable handle, lifting hook and starting fuel which are very important.
  • Several types of outlets are present in the machine to help in the electrical output and connectivity.
  • The machine comes with 2 Years warranty which is great in case any problem arises.
  • The running time of 11 hours is good, and the fuel consumption is about 0.57/gallon at 100% load.
  • The generator is a little heavy at 353 pounds, but that can be considered for its power of 7000 watts.
  • The fuel capacity is very low on the portable generator.

Verdict: One can definitely go for the Pulsar PG7000D portable power generator if they have a need for something that is heavy duty and will provide them electricity for a long time.

Generac 6864 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

This is a machine to go for if someone is looking for something compact yet durable. The portable diesel generator has a well-made body, and it can handle all electronic devices. The machine is good for usage in homes as well as to light up places for a suitable amount of time and for usage in agricultural purposes.


  • It comes with a 435cc Yanmar LW Series Diesel Engine which is Air cooled.
  • It has an electric start which is provided with one touch start.
  • The machine shuts itself down when a low quantity of oil is detected.
  • The tank is 12 Gallon and can run up to 32 hours on a half load.
  • The voltages that the machine can work on are 120 and 240 V. A switch is provided to toggle between the voltages.
  • A welded steel tube cradle is provided in the model to give the model more durability and portability.
  • The outlets provided in the machine are 2 NEMA 5-20R – GFCI, 1 NEMA L14-30R and 1 NEMA L5-30R.
  • The approximate weight of the generator is 247 pounds
  •  Dimensions of the product are 33.1 x22.6x 26.6 inches.
  • The machine is energy efficient and can last anyone a long time. Durable design has been added to it to increase its tenure.
  • The grade of the machine is a semi-pro grade, and that is the reason why it can be used for professional tasks like agriculture as well.
  • The generator also comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Battery pack for the auto start function is not included.
  • Portability kit has to be bought separately.
  • Can be a little expensive to buy

Verdict: If someone needs a long hour of usage from their generator, then this is the best on the market. As it is durable, it will also last them a long time.

DuroStar DS7000Q Portable Diesel Generator

A powerful machine that is easily portable. The customers who already use it love it to bits. The machine can be used to get electricity under any circumstances and is energy efficient. It also works for long hours which make it a good catch for anybody.


  • The generator comes with an electric start option and a remote.
  • It has a 4 stroke engine and has an automatic voltage regulator.
  • The voltage support for the product is 240, 120, 12 V.
  • The machine also has an option of automatic shutdown. This feature is also available when there is a low level of diesel present.
  • There are several outlets provided in the generator for ease of use. They are 120 volts 20 amp outlets, 120V/240V 30 amp outlet with 4 prongs and 120 volts 30 amp outlet.
  • The machine can run up to 12 hours at a stretch which is great. Duel capacity of the generator is 3.83 gallons.
  • It produces a sound of about 70 dB which is very low.
  • It weighs 382 pounds and has dimensions of 37.8 X 22 X 30.3 inches.
  • The machine is very user-friendly and comes with several outlets to help the user.
  • The electronic start with remote helps the user in starting it quite easily.
  • The machine is quite a low humming and creates no noise pollution.
  • The machine comes with everything that one can possibly need.
  • The machine is a little bit on the heavier side.
  • The capacity of fuel is quite low on the generator.

Verdict: This is a great generator for people who are looking for one that would work well for 12 hours at a stretch and would be durable.

RP12000E 12000 Gas Powered portable Generator

This machine is a beast and perfect for profession uses. Once you buy it, you can utilize it for generations. The engine is very powerful and can give out the energy of 12000 Watts at a time. This machine can be bought by anyone who wants a tough generator for multi-purpose usage.


  • The machine comes with a 13.2 Gallon tank and is able to run for about 11 hours when on 50% load.
  • The 670cc V-Twin OHV engine provided has a pressurized oil system.
  • The voltages that the machine supports are 120 and 240 V.
  • There are 9 outlets present on the portable generator. They are one 12-volt 8.3-amp receptacle, one 50-amp twist-lock outlet, three 30-amp receptacles and 2 GFCI duplex outlets.
  • A LED-lit operating panel is present to help in usage.
  • The generator has been made with copper by keeping durability and portability in mind.
  • The weight of the item is 347 pounds, and the dimensions are 32.67×35.74×35.82 in.
  • Tools and maintenance kit is included with the machine
  • As you can guess the 12,000 Watt engine is quite powerful. It can be used for using tools like Table Saws, Air Compressors, Hammer Drills, etc. So it is good for people who use power tools in their profession.
  • The machine is quite fuel efficient and runs for a long time. It automatically shuts off when low fuel is detected.
  • CAT provides 3 years warranty on the generator which is a lot compared to other companies.
  • The LED display and auto shut off provides help to the users.
  • It is a bit on the heavier side for portable generators.

Verdict: This is one of the best portable generators that can be found on the market. It is especially recommended for people who need a generator for professional use. The generator gives out ample amount of energy and is never harsh on any device.

Dayton Portable Generator Diesel

This machine may look small, but it does wonders when you make it work. It is mainly used by profession and is of professional grade. It isn’t a much talked about topic, but it is one of the best diesel generators for sale. One can easily read about it and decide if they really want the powerful machine or not.


  • The generator has a surge watt of 9160 watts which is quite powerful for such a machine.
  • The voltage that the machine runs on is 120 and 240 V.
  • The runtime of the generator is 12+ hours on 1/2 load and 6.5+ hours on full load.
  • The machine comes with one outlet of L14-20R 120/240VAC Twist-Lock.
  • The engine of the generator has a Horsepower of 9.8.
  • The diesel tank capacity is 2.6 gal.
  • The cylinder provided in the generator is made of cast iron.
  • Shut down in case of low fuel level is provided in the machine.
  • The sound that the generator produces is 78 dB.
  • It has dimensions of 28”X44”X30”.
  • The wheel kit is included with the machine, and the dry battery is also included.
  • This device is one of the best devices for fuel efficiency. The machine can run for 12 hours at half load by utilizing just 2.6 gallons of diesel. This brings down the cost of the fuel a lot.
  • The generator doesn’t make much sound and will let one work at peace for longer stretches of time.
  • The wheelset provided with the machine is great and helps in portability of the machine. The cast iron cylinder will last for a long time.
  • 2-year warranty is provided by the company so that users can report any problems.
  • Only one outlet is provided in the generator which can be a problem for different usages.
  • The machine does run quite expensive in the market.
  • Control panel or smart start isn’t present in the machine.

Verdict: If someone wants to buy a good sturdy machine which is fuel efficient, then this is the best portable generator they can go for.


When you are discussing to buy a portable generator make sure to get proper knowledge of it.

Small diesel generators are perfect for its portability. If you want to get something for your home, then an inverter might be a good choice. So if you are buying a portable diesel generator then make sure you get abundant knowledge on fuel capacity, power output, the portability of the machine, convenience of use and of course your budget.

Do not go for the most expensive machine if you aren’t sure about it. The list that is provided will help you to a great degree, and after that, it will be your duty to choose a good portable diesel generator.

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