8 Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tank Systems [Septic Safe]

As you should know, you can experience numerous problems with your home’s septic tank system.

If you use the wrong toilet paper, there is a good chance that problems are going to arise.

Using the right toilet paper will help reduce the likelihood of problems and keep your septic tank in good condition.

Remember that some paper will not degrade quickly. Therefore, you’ll want to choose the right toilet paper so you can avoid problems in the future.

Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about septic safe toilet paper.

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Member’s Mark Bath Tissue

What toilet paper is good for septic tanks? This is something many people will ask. Well, those looking for septic safe toilet paper should take the time to check out this tissue from Member’s Mark. This toilet paper comes with 45 rolls. That is going to give you more than 1,200 square feet of paper. This guarantees that you’re not going to run out anytime soon. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to use fewer sheets. This can help avoid problems with your septic tank. Below, you’re going to learn more about this toilet paper.

Very Strong

One thing to note is that this toilet paper is very strong. You can guarantee that it is not going to rip in your hands. You can tug on it and it will not rip easily. It will breakdown quickly in the septic tank but you won’t have to worry about it falling apart in your hands. The tissue is very absorbent too. This means that you’ll be able to take care of the mess without any problems whatsoever.

Great Value

You should know that this tissue is going to be a great value. It offers numerous benefits and you won’t empty your wallet. Each roll will provide you with 220 sheets. In total, you’ll get 45 rolls. Suffice to say, you’re not going to need to buy toilet paper for a very long time. Again, you’ll receive more than 1,200 square feet of toilet paper when you make the purchase.


  • Plenty bang for your buck
  • Breaks down very rapidly
  • Works great for the intended purpose
  • Not too expensive
  • Very strong and soft


  • Will leave behind particles
  • Rolls do not last long enough

Cottonelle Mega Roller

When it comes to toilet paper, you can guarantee that you’re going to get your money’s worth from Cottonelle. This is why you’ll want to consider buying the Mega Roll. This will provide you with 9 rolls so you won’t have to purchase any more toilet paper for a few weeks. Another thing to note is that this toilet paper is safe for your septic system. It is soft and gentle too. Below, you’re going to learn a lot more about the Cottonelle Mega Roll.

Long Lasting

While you only receive 9 rolls with this toilet paper, you should know that the rolls are going to last longer. The toilet paper is thicker and you’ll receive more sheets. This ensures that you can continue using a roll for several days. In some cases, a single roll might last as long as a week or longer.

Septic Safe

More importantly, the Cottonelle Mega Roller is septic safe. The tissue features the innovative clean ripple texture making it safe for your septic systems as well as sewers. If you want to decrease the likelihood that you’re going to experience septic issues, you’ll want to invest in this toilet paper. You can guarantee that it’ll protect your septic tank and it’ll feel great on your behind.


  • Very safe for your septic system
  • Feels great on your bottom
  • Rolls last much longer
  • Allows you to protect forests and ecosystems
  • Very strong


  • Slightly expensive

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

While you’ll want to invest in a septic safe toilet paper, you’ll also want to make sure that your toilet paper is going to be soft and gentle. This is why you’ll want to invest in the Angel Soft Toilet Paper. This toilet paper is very beneficial for many reasons. It is a great value you won’t have to change rolls often. On top of that, it is safe for your septic system. You’ll receive a lot of bang for your buck too.

Sewer Safe

Ultimately, your goal is to protect your septic system. With this in mind, you’ll want to invest in the Angel Soft Toilet Paper. This paper is sewer and septic safe. This means that it is not going to cause any additional problems. This can make a big difference in the long run.

No Additive

While you’re at it, you should know that this toilet paper does not have any additive. This means that you’re going to run into any dangerous chemicals or anything like that. You can use the toilet paper without any problems.

Great Value

Finally, you should know that the Angel Soft Toilet Paper is a great value. You’re going to receive 36 mega rolls. Each roll will have 484 sheets. With this bundle, you’re not going to be buying toilet paper for a very long time.


  • Won’t need to buy toilet paper for a very long time
  • Doesn’t contain any additives
  • Safe for your septic and sewer
  • Each roll has 484 sheets
  • Soft and strong


  • Somewhat thin

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper

You better believe that with a name like this the tissue paper is going to provide the utmost in strength and durability. With a 2-ply softness, you will not only get the strength that you need from a tissue paper, but you will also get the flexibility that most tissue papers should have.

Designed Not To Rip And Separate

Don’t you just hate it when your tissue paper rips and tears when you are wiping? Not only is this troublesome, but it can be very unhygienic. Unfortunately, this is something that you will experience with a lot of inferior products, but that certainly will not be the case with Quilted Northern. In fact, this tissue paper was specifically designed not to rip and tear during use.

Back With Over 100 Years Of Experience

Quilted Northern is probably a company that you are familiar with. This is because they have been delivering quality tissue paper to people’s homes for over 100 years. All their years in business have not only taught the company what it takes to serve customers but in their time they have learned exactly how to please their customers. And, it is safe to say that they have done just that with this amazing product.


  • Backed with over 100 years experience in the field
  • Designed specifically not to rip and tear during use
  • Septic and sewer safe
  • Certified by SFI


  • The big double 24 pack might be harder to store

Scott Extra Softa Double Roll Bath Tissue

toilet paper for septic

Whether you are looking to wipe your bottom or your nose, you simply cannot go wrong with everything that this Scott Extra Softa Tissue Paper has to offer. Before being shipped out to retail stores or customers all products are tested for strength and durability. However, do not let the toughness of this tissue paper fool you because it is still comfortable enough to be easy on your most sensitive areas. With this tissue paper’s durable and comfortable design it is hard to beat what this tissue paper has to offer.

Thick And Plush Sheets

One of the things that make this paper so comfortable is the plush designed. Each sheet is specifically designed with a plushness that will provide comfort to even the more sensitive areas, while still being durable enough to get the job done. Not only this, but the big rolls ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Sewer Safe

Not only is this tissue paper soft and ease on your most sensitive areas, but it is soft and easy on your septic system as well. That’s right when you invest in this tissue paper, you never have to worry about logs or backups because this paper was designed to be septic system safe


  • Septic and sewer system safe
  • Designed to be comfortable and durable
  • Get more per roll
  • Certified from responsible sources


  • Only comes available in a 24 pack

Envision 1-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper

toilet paper for septic tanks

If you want a tissue paper for your bathroom that is not only easy on your sensitive areas but easy on the environment then look no further than they Envision 1-Ply Toiler Paper. This tissue paper is not only safe for your septic and sewer systems, but it is EPA compliant for recycled fiber content. That’s right when you invest in this tissue paper, you are actually helping the environment.

Comes With Two Dispensing Options

Another impressive feature that has to be noted with this tissue paper is that it comes available with two dispensing options. What does this mean? It means that the storage and dispensing of the product will never be easier. Why should you have to struggle when you are at your most vulnerable moment? You shouldn’t and with this tissue paper, you won’t to.

Easier Handling And Storage

Not only does the unique dual dispensing make storage easier for this tissue paper, but the convenient half case design is also more portable. Handling and storing your tissue paper will never be easier when you opt for the Envision Tissue Paper.


  • EPA compliant for recycled fiber content
  • Two dispensing options
  • The convenient half case makes handling and storing easier
  • Sheets measure 4.05 inches by 4 inches in length


  • Only comes available in either a 40 or 80 pack

Silk’n Bamboo Toilet Paper

best toilet paper for septics

The Silk’n Bamboo Toilet Paper is designed specifically for all septic systems. The toilet paper is guaranteed to dissolve quickly to eliminate the risk of clogs. The piece has three layers, all of which are made of soft, luxurious fabrics.


Not only is Silk’n Bamboo Toilet Paper quickly dissolvable but also eco-friendly. According to the manufacturer, its toilet paper generates 35 percent more oxygen than trees every day of the week. Silk’n Soft chose to utilize fabrics made from bamboo plants that are not treated with fertilizers and pesticides.

300-Sheet Rolls

Each roll contains 300 sheets, which is equivalent to a standard double roll of toilet paper. Even though these are not jumbo rolls, the toilet paper should go a long way. This is the ideal toilet paper for singles, couples, and families.


  • Made from bamboo
  • Eco-friendly design
  • 300-Sheet rolls
  • Soft and gentle


  • Perforations take longer to breakdown
  • Wrapped in plastic, which is not eco-friendly

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

septic friendly toilet paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is ideal for all septic systems, including those in boats, RVs, commuter buses, and fifth-wheels. The toilet paper is designed to breakdown quickly. In fact, it is guaranteed to breakdown four times faster than most of the competitor brands.

Gentle and Soft

The toilet paper has multiple layers, all of which are soft and absorbent. Each wipe will offer a high level of comfort. So, it will not cause skin irritation even with multiple wipes. The sheets absorb moisture to protect the skin and keep usage to a minimum.


The Scot Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper does not contain perfumes, which are known to cause skin irritation. Ingredients utilized to add scent to toilet paper has various side effects. These side effects include urinary tract infects (UTIs), vaginal and anal irritation, fungal infections, and cervical cancer.


  • Does not contain harmful perfumes (scents)
  • Safe for all septic systems
  • Includes 48 rolls
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council


  • More expensive than some competitive brands

Types of Toilet Paper

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Ultimately, you’ll find that there are many different types of toilet paper. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the one that is going to be right for you.

For many, the best toilet paper for septic will be biodegradable toilet paper. It offers numerous benefits. Biodegradable means that the paper can be decomposed by bacteria as well as other types of living organisms. It will break down in your septic tank and that will decrease the likelihood that you’re going to experience a clogged septic tank in the near future. Suffice to say, this type of toilet paper can be very beneficial.

Recycled Toilet Paper

If you’re looking for the best toilet paper for septic tanks, you should think about investing in recycled toilet paper. While recycled toilet paper is great for this purpose, it has many risks. Remember that it is manufactured utilizing recycled materials. Therefore, there is always a chance that the toilet paper is going to contain contaminants such as BPA or BPS. You should know that both of these chemicals can be dangerous. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, you’re going to experience problems and it might cause adverse side effects.

Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

What is septic safe toilet paper? This is something you’ll want to find out before moving forward. After all, this might be the best toilet paper for septic systems. This type of toilet paper is designed to ensure that it will degrade very quickly. It should not contain any dyes or bleach. This will ensure that the toilet paper does not cause problems in your septic tank. Suffice to say, you should learn more about this type of paper. It could make a big difference in your life. You can flush this toilet paper without having to worry about the consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What You Should Not Flush Down Septic Systems

Remember that some items should not be flushed down the toilet. If you do, you can almost guarantee that you’re going to experience problems. For starters, you should never flush rags or feminine hygiene products.

Also, you should be cautious about consumer wipes and baby wipes. Some might be septic safe but others are not. Diapers should never be flushed. If you flush these things down the toilet, you’re going to experience major problems. Do not do it.

Throw them into the trash so you can avoid problems.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Ultimately, you need to make sure that you take care of your septic tank.

Failing to do so will increase the likelihood that you’re going to run into issues in the future.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re pumping correctly. You should have the tank pumped out on a regular basis. This will get rid of the solids from accumulating in the tank. It is a good idea to use water jetting too. This can help get rid of solid debris that cannot be removed with simple pumping.

You’ll also want to consider using a bacteria additive.

This will speed up the breakdown of the waste and help prevent problems. Finally, you should think about using an effluent filter. This will stop solids and prevent them from entering the drain field. Suffice to say, this can be very beneficial. Take these steps and you’ll be able to avoid major problems with your septic tank.


What toilet paper is good for septic tanks? The good news is that your options are plentiful.

You need to make sure that you take your time and consider the options before you. Once you’ve done this, you can rest assured knowing that you’re not going to experience any septic problems.

Suffice to say, you should consider investing in one of the products mentioned above. If you do that, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to get your money’s worth and you’ll be able to avoid potential problems.

If you have a cabin, you’ll also be glad to know that these toilet paper brands also work great for cabin outhouses.

If you’ve got an questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

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