Is it Safe to use a Propane Stove in my Cabin?

Is it safe to use a propane stove in my cabin?

Most off-grid cabin owners at one point during their planning or stay, will be left with the question “Is it safe to use a propane stove in my cabin?”. This is because they don’t have access to electricity, or they want to limit their usage. I’ll start off by saying that using propane for cooking … Read more

Should I buy a Cabin by the Water or in the Forest?

Cabin by the Water or in the Forest

When deciding on the location of your cabin, you’re left with a sometimes-daunting decision to make. “Should I buy a cabin by the water or in the forest?”. This is quite an important decision that you should put some thought into, taking multiple factors into account. This is not a decision you’ll want to rush … Read more

How to Protect your Forest and Cabin from Wildfires

Forest Wildfire

Forest fires are not uncommon, they happen all the time and depending where your situated, you may or may not be more prone to these disasters. These are horrible and can be extremely devastating. I’ve heard stories from people I know personally, about their homes and forests being burnt to the ground. These horror stories … Read more