Fun Group Cabin Games to Play Inside!

Life’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. This is especially so when you’re staying at a cabin.

It’s not always possible to go outside and enjoy yourself, sometimes the weather just isn’t right for it. Perhaps it’s too dark outside, but you still want to have some fun.

Lucky for you, there’s still plenty of indoor games you can play from the safety of your own cabin. I’ve made a list of a few fun cabin games you can play with a group of people. None of the games that I’m going to suggest require you to have any equipment or spend any money. They’re completely FREE.

These games are more fun with a decent size group of people; however, some will work with just two people. I’ll provide you with the instructions of each game so that you fully understand how to play the game. Prepare yourself for some of the best cabin games in existence!

Truth or Dare

Let’s start with the good o’ classic, Truth or Dare.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s probably the most commonly played game on this list. What I love about this game is it can be played with as many people as you want. You can even play it with 2 people.

How to play:

Player 1 asks Player 2 the question “Truth or Dare?”

You can decide who askes who by either spinning a bottle twice or by going to ensure that everyone is asked a fair amount of times.

Player 1 who asked the question must then decide to say “Truth” or “Dare”.

If the player 2 chooses ‘Truth’ then the player who asked the question must ask them another question, which player 2 must answer completely truthfully.

If player 2 chooses ‘Dare’ then the player who asked the question must dare them to do something. An example of a dare could be for the player to eat a hot chili or to drink blended eggs. The dare could literally be anything.

After player 2 does their dare or answers their ‘truth’ question, they then get to ask the next person “Truth or Dare”. You can decide who get the next there by spinning a bottle or asking the next person in line.


Truth or dare can very easily get a bit out of control. Often dares are taken to far so it’s important that you set rules and limits before the game has begun. Rules may include no dangerous dares, only being allowed to skip 1 dare, no sexual dares or truths. In the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun so it’s not a good idea to encourage dangerous dares or truths which could make someone upset.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another one of those games which you’ve likely played already. It’s one of my favorites as it awesome for getting to know people.

This game can get a bit embarrassing and silly, I love it. It’s known for digging up people’s deepest darkest secrets.

How to play:

Firstly, arrange everyone into a circle.

Player 1 begins the game by saying “Never have I ever…” followed by something which they claim they’ve never done before. For example, “Never have I ever been arrested.”

Everyone who has done that thing must put their hand up.

The players with their hand up then must take or shot (If played as a drinking game) or do a dare (If not playing as a drinking game). For example, if Player 6 and 8 has been arrested then they will both take a shot.


As stated before this is a good game for getting to know people. Though, it’s also great for finding new things about your friends and family. You may need to keep the pace of the game a bit slow because if you’re playing fast enough, you’ll find everyone knocked out in no time.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is yet another great game for getting to know each other. Playing this game with people you barely know will break the ice and help you get to know them. Though, playing this with friends can be super fun as you’ll learn lots of new things which you thought you knew about them already.

How to play:

Arrange yourself in whatever fashion you want, I like to do it in a circle.

Player 1 has to say two things about themselves which are true, and one which is a lie.  This can be done in any order, and the other players aren’t supposed to know what statements are true and which is a lie.

Everyone in the group takes a guess as to which statement was a lie.

If you’re playing this as a drinking game, everyone who got the wrong answer must take a shot. If you’re not drinking, then mark down the scores on a piece of paper; everyone who got it correct gets a point.

Once everyone’s had a turn you can go back round or end the game.

Count the scores at the end and the winner gets whatever prize your group decides on.


Like most games on this list, you can add your own twists to the game. You don’t have to play it exactly how everyone does. You may want to make losers do dares, or answer truths. Whatever you think will make the game more fun.


Another classic! Charades!

Everyone knows that charades are a ton of fun!

You can play it in teams or as a big group. There’re actually a few ways you can play it.

How to play:

When playing it as a large group, everyone takes turns taking the stage and acting something out.

The player will have to signify whether they’re acting out a movie, song, famous persons name or a book.

  • To show that you’re acting out a book, pretend to read a book.
  • To show that you’re acting out a song, pretend to sing.
  • To show that you’re acting out a movie, pretend to crank a camera

The player will then have to indicate the number of words. They do this by holding up fingers. (One finger to show that it’s one word).

Then they begin acting and the everyone else must guess the word by shouting out answers at the actor.

When the actor hears the correct answer, they declare the winner and the winner gets a point.


You can add your own twist to game, some people use charades word generators to help them come up with ideas. There are also charades apps if you fancy using your phone instead.

With most games, the more people the better; the same can be said with charades but with too many people it’s near to impossible for the actor to understand what the players are shouting at them. This makes it hard for them to identify who said the correct answer.

Chinese Whispers (Telephone Game)

Some people will know this game as Chinese Whispers, others will know it as the Telephone Game. This is a very familiar game which has existed for many years. This game is very popular in classrooms however can also be played with family or at parties.

How to Play:

Firstly, arrange everyone into a line or a circle. Everyone must be close enough to each other to whisper into each other’s ears.

The first person in the line or circle begins the game by whispering a phrase into the next persons ear.

The next person who was whispered to then must whisper what they heard to the next person. Essentially passing on the message.

The last person in the circle or line has to say the phrase out loud so that everyone can hear it. The phrase most likely changed from the original.


You can add a rule which states each player should change the phrase slightly so that the phrase is never the same. This could make the game even more enjoyable as everyone can put their own twist on it and by the time it gets to the last person, the phrase would have changed significantly.

Who Am I

Who Am I is a popular icebreaker game for parties. It’s great in large groups and encourages people to interact. It’s great fun, if you haven’t played it before then you must give it a try. No equipment is required for this, however sticky notes and a pen would be a good idea.

How to play:

Give a player a name. It should be a name which they could guess such as a celebrity, a real person everyone in the game knows, storybook character, movie character.

If you have sticky notes, write the name and put it on the players back so that they can’t see it.

The player then can ask the other players 20 ‘Yes or No’ questions to figure out what name they were given. For example, “Am I male?” “Am I Hispanic?” “Have I been in a movie?”.


Keep in mind that the questions must be ‘Yes or No’ questions. The player cannot ask questions such as “Am I a male or female?”.

If you have a large group, then you could play this by giving every player in the game a sticky note with a name on it and have them ask each other questions to figure out who they are. This will encourage players to mingle and talk between each other until everyone figures out who they are.

Arm Wrestling

This is a very simple game which I’m sure you’ve all played before. You can’t go wrong with a good old test of strength arm wrestle. No equipment is required, no complicated rules. This is a simple sport which involves two participants.

How to play:

Both participants place an arm on a flat surface. Elbows should be bent and touching the surface. They both then grip hold of each other’s hand and attempt to pin their opponents’ arm onto the surface.


You can make this simple game more exciting by making it a tournament and have players play against each other for rewards. You could also play this as a drinking game and have losers take a shot of alcohol.

It’s always a good idea to make the games as fair as possible. Factors such as the weight and arm length of player’s can give them an advantage of disadvantage over other players. It’s always more fun when the battles are close and last for a while.

Dictionary Game

This is a very fun, fast pace game which involves everyone desperately searching through a dictionary for a specific word. For this game you’ll need as many dictionaries as there are players. Though if you don’t have enough dictionaries, you could play this in teams or have a dictionary between two people.

How to play:

One person picks a word at random from the dictionary and says it out loud. Everyone else than must look through the dictionary looking for the word. First person to find the word and read out the definition wins.


How to play:

Arrange everyone into a circle

Nominate one player to be the “Splatter”

The splatter will stand in the middle of the circle and point at someone and shout “Splat!”

The person who was pointed at will then have to duck and the two players either side of him/her must ‘Splat’ each other by making a gun with there hands and pointing at each other, shouting “Splat!”.

The first person to do it wins, the slower player is out of the game and must leave the circle.

This must be continued until there are only 2 players left in the circle.

The last two players then have to face-off in a cold boy style shootout. I’ll explain.

The last two players should stand back to back.

Another player who had lost the game will then count from 1, and for each number the two players must take a step.

At any random time, the counter can shout “Splat” which means the two players have to turn around and splat each other as quickly as possible.

The first person to ‘Splat’ wins!

Name the Song

This is a game for you music lovers out there! The rules of the game are very straight forward and minimal equipment is required. This game is suitable for kids and adults to its great fun for the whole family.

How to play:

Arrange your group into two teams and one game host.

The game host will play a song (Can be played through any device, I use my phone).

Both teams must shout out the name of the song until someone gets it correct.

The team who got the correct song name will then be asked for the name of the artist.

If they also get this correct then they get two points however if they get this wrong, then they only get one point.


You could add team leaders to make the game less hectic. Instead of having everyone shouting the name of a song, the players will whisper their ideas to the team leader and the team leader will shout out the answers. This will encourage teamwork and make the game more organised.

You could also play this as one big group if you’d rather not play in teams. This would require you to have some paper to mark down the points of individual players.

Honourable Mention

Hide and Seek – This is a classic game which everyone’s played at one point in their life. Playing hide and seek indoors is strictly for kids, it’s highly unlikely that your cabin is large enough to have many hiding spots appropriate for adults. The game instructions are extremely simple. Keep in mind, for this game to be fun you’ll need a large enough cabin with multiple hiding spots.

One person (The seeker) counts to ten or twenty whilst the other players find hiding spots. Once the seeker has finished counting, they will then look around the cabin looking for the hiders. The person found will be the seeker for the next round.

What’s Your Favorite Game to Play?

None of the suggested games tickle you fancy? It’s a good thing I have a whole section dedicated to cabin activities. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy there.

Now that I’ve told you about some of my favorite cabin games, how about you share some of yours? I’d love to hear what you have to say! I’m sure I’m missing some great games, I’d appreciate you leaving a comment for me.

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