What Is It Like Living In A Log Cabin?

Despite the advances we have made, humans still desire a primal survivalist experience. And one of this is living in a log cabin. Because no matter how expensive or fancy the design may be, there is an unmatched rustic feel about living in a log home.  There is something very cool about a log cabin … Read more

How Long Do Log Cabin Homes Last?

log cabin lifespan

Log cabins are quintessentially associated with the Europeans and North Americans. And this image had remained untouched for many decades. There is an intrigue as well as an undeniable charm that a log cabin evokes. But how long do log cabins last? Find out the answer below. Interestingly, it was the Scandinavians who took the … Read more

The Essential Bathroom Amenities List for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

amenities checklist for vacation rentals

The popularity of Airbnb as an alternative to hotels and short term rental continues to rise. Although Airbnb was previously associated with vacation rentals, more business travelers are choosing this option instead of traditional hotels when traveling. However, not all Airbnb properties offer the same amenities, to be precise, bathroom amenities. Unlike in a hotel … Read more