How to Protect your Forest and Cabin from Wildfires

Forest Wildfire

Forest fires are not uncommon, they happen all the time and depending where your situated, you may or may not be more prone to these disasters. These are horrible and can be extremely devastating. I’ve heard stories from people I know personally, about their homes and forests being burnt to the ground. These horror stories … Read more

What stuff do you need for a cabin? [The Essentials]

Cabin Essentials

There’s nothing worse than traveling for what feels like light-years, only to find out that you’ve forgotten something extremely important to your trip. Especially in a remote habitat where you don’t have the luxury of being able to purchase your forgotten item from the shops. Sometimes the fear of forgetting essential items, leads to over-thinking … Read more

Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas [My Lighting Setup]

When camping it out in a remote destination, you may find that it’s too dark to move around at night without a flashlight or setting-up a lighting system. Using a flashlight is not very effective and is only a temporary solution to getting around at night. It’s just a hassle having to locate a flashlight … Read more

Where to get 275 gallon water tanks for cheap

Whilst staying at a cabin site, water storage is extremely important if you’re not fortunate enough to have a water well. This is why I prefer to store large amounts of water, utilizing 275 gallon water tanks. These tanks are very useful and could end up saving your life in extreme conditions however they can … Read more

How to get Internet at your Off-Grid Property

Often, we find ourselves needing the internet despite wanting to be off-grid, however when you’re away from civilization it can be extremely difficult establishing a connection with the internet. The use of the internet may be required for personal reasons such as the need to communicate with those on the outside world. It may also … Read more