7 Awesome Winter Hobbies for Men

Staying inside the comfort of your home watching your favorite television series or just lazing on the couch can be more appealing to many during winter. It is cold outside, and you want to stay cozy inside the warmth of your blankets. It can be challenging for most physically active men, too! This is where … Read more

Fun Group Cabin Games to Play Inside!

Life’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. This is especially so when you’re staying at a cabin. It’s not always possible to go outside and enjoy yourself, sometimes the weather just isn’t right for it. Perhaps it’s too dark outside, but you still want to have some fun. Lucky for you, there’s still plenty … Read more

Panning for Gold – Fun Cabin Activity

If you’re staying off-grid then I’d highly recommend you make the most of your opportunity and participate in some of the activities which wouldn’t be viable in the city. There’s plenty of activities which you could enjoy – I have a full section of cabin activities. One activity which you simply cannot pass is gold … Read more