Best Small Propane Heaters Reviews (Perfect Cabin Heating!)

As winter approaches, we start to feel the need to purchase a heater.

Heaters create a warm and cozy environment and it is a must have in places that have harsh winters.

Often houses have a built-in heater, but outdoor homes like a cabin wouldn’t have space or need for a big heater.

A small portable heater is the best way to go for cabin heating.

One can easily find several models on online these days. They will, of course, need to know their heating requirement and the area that the heater would need to cover. The area of coverage can be learned by calculating the BTU of the area covered and then a model can be chosen according to it.

Benefits of using a propane heater:

  • Propane is a much more affordable option when compared to electric heaters which are why it is recommended for use as well.
  • Propane also heats the machine much more than electricity does. That is the reason for them heating up any place efficiently. It can give out the heated air of 115 degrees at a time.
  • Propane heaters will work even where electricity is not there. So small propane heaters are the best way to go when people want to use it for cabins or shacks outside of their house.
  • Propane is safe for our environment and government is always recommending it to be used by more people. It reduces harmful emission that fossil fuel can often lead to. It is also easier to use as it is gas energy.
  • Propane is not hazardous like other forms of fuel out there. It doesn’t cause an explosion when it is released into the air. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t have any harmful side effects that other forms of gases or fuels may have on a human body.
  • The propane heaters that will be used to hit a cabin are very small and can easily fit in a corner. They will efficiently radiate out heat for a considerable amount of time, and a constant supply of propane makes them very efficient.
  • The propane heaters burn with any ash or soot or any sort of residual things. This is why it is great to be used in a closed space like a cabin.

In the section below some of the best small propane heaters have been given as examples to choose from. The heaters are efficient, and they are best to be used in cabins for their size and power.

Some of the small propane heaters that can be used in cabins:

ProCom ML100HBAHR Propane Heater

This is a small heater, but it is quite powerful to heat up the whole cabin. The price is quite affordable, and it has a high rating in the market. It is designed in a sleek manner, and it looks quite classy in the corner. As its energy utilization is through propane, it is quite safe to use in a small area like a cabin. In all, it can be said that the propane heater does quite a good job at its price. The heater doesn’t take up much space, and it also heats quite efficiently. One can definitely go for this if they have a cabin and they are in need of a portable heater which is efficient.


  • The heater has a cool, tough cabinet which prevents people from getting burned.
  • The heater can be easily mounted on the wall.
  • The diamond mesh grill is pre-installed, so assembly is not required.
  • The heater can be controlled manually by the heat settings.
  • The heater has been CSA approved.
  • It can heat up to 10,000 BTU, and it is efficient for places up to 300 square feet.
  • A 10-foot hose has been provided for connection with the propane cylinder weighing 20 lb
  • Automatic shut off is present when Oxygen becomes low in the space
  • The heater weighs around 10 pounds
  • The utilization of propane makes it energy efficient, and no vents or chimneys are required as the energy burnt is clean.
  • The heater is able to heat a space up to 300 sq ft which are great, and the strength of 10000 BTU is enough for most cabins or shacks.
  • The model is compact and comes with a wall mount bracket. This helps in saving space and being effective for a small cabin.
  • The thermostat is not present which doesn’t let you choose temperature according to one’s comfort level. The pre-set regulator and settings have to be used.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Radiant Heater

This is another nice heater that fits into a small space and can heat efficiently. The model comes with a handle which makes it extra easy to handle and carry while traveling. Cabins do need a cozy heater, and this model is designed to work quite efficiently in all sorts of circumstances. In conclusion, it can be said that the portable heater is quite efficient for its price. The heat given out is quite good, and it is enough for a cabin, shack or a campsite. One can easily use the heater and the hose to have a complete set that would last a long time.


  • The heater is suitable for heating up spaces up to 225 square km
  • The heater makes the use of the efficient propane gas
  • One can toggle between 4000 or 9000 BTU according to their need
  • In the maximum BTU, the heater is able to run for about 3 hours
  • Auto shut off is provided if the heater is dis-balanced or if the oxygen level goes down drastically
  • The handle provided can be folded down, and a swivel regulator is also present.
  • A wire guard is present for high temperatures
  • The small heater is of durable and good quality and can efficiently heat up a cabin or a camp in a less period of time.
  • The usage of propane makes it even better as it is good for the environment.
  • It wouldn’t cause trouble as it automatically shuts off when things are not right.
  • The heater is quite portable and can be easily carried due to the presence of a handle. The heater weighs just 9.5 pounds.
  • The heater is quite good as no soot, sound or other things are emitted from it which is good for usage in a cabin.
  • The hose kit needed to join it to a propane cylinder isn’t provided with the heater. One has to buy it as a separate piece.

Camco 57331 Olympian Wave-3 

A slim and trim heater will do its job perfectly when used in the recommended space. The heater has been specially made by keeping small spaces in mind. It can be mounted on a wall or kept in a corner, and it would do its job. The propane gas usage is quite low, and it will heat the space in an efficient manner. In conclusion, it can be said that this heater is perfect for people who have a good budget for their heater. It can easily be used to heat a small cabin, and it would look classy. The heater looks quite good, and it also heats the place within 5 minutes which is a great feature.


  • The BTU level of the heater is adjustable between 1600 and 3000 BTU. The company also sells two other versions between 6000 and 8000 BTU.
  • Low-pressure gas is used as a fuel, and it can be easily mounted on a wall.
  • The heater operates in the form of heat waves, and that is the reason no sound is made.
  • Safety shut off valve is also present to prevent any leakage of gases.
  • The recommended area is 130 sq ft for this particular model.
  • The heater ’s fuel consumption is 1/8 lb/hr.
  • The product also comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The heater is a compact heater that is good to heat a small cabin, shack or a personal tent.
  • The weight of the item is just 1 pound which makes it an ultra-portable heater that can be carried anywhere
  • The heater makes the use of propane which makes it energy efficient.
  • The heater can also be purchased in two other variants of 6000 and 8000 BTU respectively.
  • Connecting hose isn’t provided with the machine.
  • This heater is quite expensive

ProCom ML060HPA

This simple looking heater can be a great part of any cabin. It efficiently heats a small space and is able to give the needed warmth. The look of the heater is very straightforward. The heater is effective in itself and has a good reputation in the market. It can be easily mounted on the wall, and it wouldn’t get in anyone’s space. In all this is a great heater if someone wants a small and portable propane heater. It will do its job quite well, and not much thought has to go into it. One will only need to assemble the heater to the cylinder using the hose, and they would be good to go.


  • The maximum heating power of the heater is 6000 BTU, and the recommended area of usage is 150 sq ft.
  • The ignition is push-button ignition.
  • A wall mounting bracket is also included in the machine
  • An oxygen depletion sensor is present in the model
  • The heater weighs 12 pound
  • This is a great product in itself because of its utility in a small cabin. The hater heats up efficiently in a few minutes which is great for a small space.
  • The heater has to be wall mounted which lets people have more space on the floor.
  • The oxygen depletion sensor is a great option to let one know the right time to turn the heater off.
  • The heater is quite light and portable in itself.
  • The heater doesn’t come with a hose or regulator that will be needed to join to a propane tank.

Avenger Dual Fuel Blue Flame Heater

This heater may look small, but it is quite powerful in itself. It is efficient in heating up a standard cabin and does it efficiently. It also has all the required things that a heater must have so that no problem can arise. This heater is kind of expensive, but one gets what it claims. The blue flame feature makes heating of the place easier and more effective. Also, it looks great, and the materials provided are of good quality. This heater is a good investment if someone wants something to last.


  • The heater is able to run on both propane and natural gas
  • The heater comes with a thermostat
  • The heater has 5 heat settings and additional micro heat settings
  • The product weighs 26 pounds
  • The heating power of the heater is 30,000 BTU, and the maximum space that can be heated is 1400 sq ft.
  • The heater heats up very quickly, and it is able to use two types of gases as fuel.
  • The thermostat comes in handy to have a temperature that is best suited for someone.
  • The heater is powerful and can heat a big cabin as well.
  • No hose is provided in the pack.

The heaters mentioned are really good portable heaters that come handy if someone owns a cabin. They are also good for people who have a knack for camping and may want to use a heater. A propane heater is one of the best things that one can go for, and the above mentioned models are really good.

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