Log Cabin Decor: Guide To Decorating Your Cabin!

A log cabin is an exquisite thing to have in one’s possession.

They look amazing and are the best place to spend your winter holidays.

The rustic feel of a log cabin is the best thing about it.

So, it is important to maintain the theme and think about appropriate log cabin decor.

The place that you make should have a theme and everything should come together nicely. Decorating your personal space gives you accomplishment and also relaxes you every time you visit it.

As log cabins are nostalgic and relaxing, it is very important to design their interior in such a way that you will feel mesmerized each time you see it. The modern age log cabin cannot be as rustic as the old ones. So the main aim is to amalgamate the modern and the old to make something completely unique.

Tips on decorating the log cabin:

  • A cohesive theme should be present throughout the log cabin this helps in making it pleasing to the eyes. The easiest theme that one can choose for a log cabin is to go with the wooden theme. You can add a special touch to every room by adding a piece of your liking. This personalizes the room and you also have great conversation starters in them.
  • The walls and the ceiling should be decorated very well. A log cabin doesn’t always need to have wooden finishes. But if you are going for that authentic look then go for something warm. To add accents to the walls add painting and tapestries. You can also attach bookshelves and iconic pieces to the wall. It is great to create an accent wall in the sitting are to draw attention to it.
  • The wooden planked floor looks great in any log cabin. If you have a low budget then using a wood theme laminate will work just as well. Try to keep the cabin sunny and soothing. Go for curtains that give the old fashion feeling of old houses.
  • Lighting is very important to any house or decor. Keep the lighting simple but also let it be a statement in the cabin. Go for lamps and pieces that would add definition to your whole cabin. Try to make the lighting as natural as possible and warm lights are the best way to go.
  • The furniture that you want to place in the cabin should go with its theme. Something out of the place would look shabby and can destroy the cohesiveness. Go for something that looks vintage, rugged and are unique. Try to integrate a warm, cosy yet rustic feel into it. The fireplace is an important part of a log cabin. Try to design it in a well-mannered way by looking up designs of vintage fireplace.
  • Kitchen is a really important aspect in any household. You can amalgamate the modern kitchen with ample amount of copper and iron cookware. You can add vintage lamps and light fittings to give it an antique feeling.

By the tips you must have understood that the decoration that you will bring to the cabin would be something unique for you.

You can decide with your whole family on the way to personalize the log cabin.

Cabin decor isn’t as hard as it seems. It is also important to get a good contractor to add the fixtures, walls and flooring so that nothing is out of the place.

Choosing a theme can come from your memory or your hobby. Hunting theme is one of the most common themes that people choose for log cabins. Along with that you can have a theme of the animal world or the forest. You can also give the interior a theme of the stone houses and it would really make your cabin unique.

Every bedroom can also have a different tale in itself. The individual family members can add their personal touch to the rooms to make it special. To help you out in finding some pieces we have compiled a list of five decoration piece that you can add to your log cabin.

Farmhouse Triple Chandelier Light

As we said you before the lighting of your cabin will be a crucial point. This is a product that will look amazing in your kitchen or in your bar area. This piece can be installed over the dining table or above the kitchen counter. The rustic feel to it will make it the centerpiece of the room. I would recommend the product any day due to its affordability and awesome quality. It would look great in a cabin kitchen.

  • The piece is totally made of reclaimed wood.
  • 12 inch steel down rod is provided with it for attachment.
  • The light sockets are made of porcelain.
  • You can get the model with caged or without cage bulb version.
  • Can weight about 12 pounds
  • The product has an option for customisable down rod for high ceilings.
  • It is totally handmade and a genuine product.
  • As it is made of wood it will need proper maintenance.

Design Toscano Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table

A small corner table which can intrigue your guests into a conversation. It reminds us of The Jungle Book and that feeling of the forest. If someone is planning for a cabin that will be themed in hunting or on animals then this is the perfect piece. The resin made table will last for a long time without any wear and tear on it.

The piece is quite unique and great to add to your cabin. If you have a different theme then look into the Design Toscana company to get a table or sculpture that would go with your log cabin theme.

  • The cute little piece comes with dimensions of 11″Wx11″Dx24″H and weights up to 12 lbs.
  • The piece has been bonded with high quality resin and has utilised hand-cast.
  • It is carefully hand painted by the artists present in the company.
  • It is made by Design Toscano which is one of the leading companies to make such unique and quirky pieces.
  • The table is very sturdy and will hold anything upon it very well.
  • It is handmade and given a finishing touch by hand this ensures the quality of the table.
  • The table tends to be small but you can add a glass top to increase its diameter.

Rustic Lodge Pine Cone Border Brown Rug

Log cabins are associated with winter and during the winter season you will need something comfy. This rug is unique and ideal for any log cabin. It has a rustic feel to it and the pine cones give it the feeling of Christmas and holidays.

In all this is a great rug to install in any room of your liking. It goes well with the rustic look and has great color to it. Just be careful with the good quality rug and you would be okay for a long time. You can also choose from several other rugs that the company offers for their customers.

  • The rug is made of 100% Polypropylene fibre which makes the rug ultra-soft.
  • It comes in array of sizes like 5’3×7’3, 3’11×5’3, 9’2″x12’6″ etc.
  • The rug has been made in a machine making it seamless, it also is imported and this render to its awesome build quality.
  • The rug is ultra-soft which will bring added cosiness to your log cabin.
  • The rug has a great quality which makes it durable and will stay there for a long time.
  • The rug will go well with all cabin themes based on rustic style. The colour scheme of the rug is great to add to a log cabin.
  • The rug doesn’t have an extra backing that is why it is quite thin. So, it is essential that it is kept away from water damages and harsh chemicals. A normal vacuum cleaning once in a while would work fine.

LNC 1-light Wall Sconce Glass Jar Lighting

This is a uniform piece of lighting that a person can use to accent each room of the house. The inexpensive light looks quite vintage due to the Mason jar shape. It can be the light to be fitted in bedrooms, bathrooms and throughout the cabin in general. If one uses a good bulb with it then it can make the ambiance of the whole house. The light is of good quality and it will look spectacular in any log cabin. I would recommend this piece to anyone looking for a lighting theme in a cabin. Several of the lamps in different corner of the cabin would look amazing.

  • The body of the lamp is made with the help of steel which makes it super durable.
  • The jar that is present is clean jar and gives the rustic feeling.
  • The lamp can either be taken in a pendant form or in a hooked arm form.
  • The lamp will come with everything that is needed to mount it on the wall.
  • The lamp would use a E26 bulb and the maximum watt has to be 40. One can use both LED and Incandescent bulb for the wall lamp.
  • The lamp includes a dark bronze finish which looks exquisite.
  • The dimension of one wall scone is 10.2×7.1×11.2 inches and it weighs around 3 pounds.
  • The Mason jar design of the lights makes it appropriate for a log cabin.
  • The light is of good quality and the hard-wire done in it is quite good.
  • Installation is super easy and the lamp comes with a guide.
  • The rich bronze colour of the lamp is appropriate of it as a cabin decor.
  • The bulbs aren’t included with the product.
  • The piece is a little expensive but you do pay for the quality.

Rustic Log Pine and Cedar TV Stand

As we said before the modern day log cabin will have to include both modern and the rustic feel. This TV stand will be a piece that would house a technological invention on a carefully crafted object. This stand can amalgamate the whole rustic look of your living room in the cabin. The stand is great to house a TV in one’s log cabin. It would be advised to take a finish according to their theme.

  • The stand is specially handcrafted by artisans from white cedar wood. This makes every stand unique and a piece worth having.
  • The product is specially designed in USA.
  • The stand weight close to 75 pounds and the dimensions of it are 50×12×19 inches.
  • The stand can hold a TV up to 46” which is great for people who love a big TV.
  • The stand comes in four parts which is very easy to assemble.
  • Each stand is perfectly unique as they are made with hand and enough care is taken to them.
  • For the lovers of choice the stand comes in three choices of honey pine, unfinished and clear lacquer.
  • The stand is solid and durable and will last you a long time.
  • It is a little bit on the expensive side. But one has to see that it is handmade and is of a superior quality.

We hope that we were able to touch everything about log cabin decor. Along with decorations you have to make the place more comfortable by adding personal touches to it. Some ways to do this is by burning flavored candles to evoke the rustic feeling. Essential oil diffusers do great jobs as well. So, have a good decor and enjoy your beautiful log cabin throughout the year.

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