Essential Off Grid Living Products: Complete Guide

Do you have any idea about off-grid living?

Many of you may lead a life like this, but don’t know about the term.

Basically, living off-grid means leading a life without any remote infrastructure, like electrical grid.

This type of living includes a lifestyle where you are capable of fixing anything in your house instantly. Suppose, you need to hang a picture on the wall, you will need a drilling machine for that. You can’t call someone to do that for you. Having a drilling machine is part of off-grid living.

There are people who are even efficient in fixing small electrical problems and keep toolbox at home.

In popular means, off-grid living also includes taking care of your entire household which requires certain essential tools that can help you to make your job easy.

Not only in home, but if you go for camping or living in a cabin, you will need certain homestead tools that will make your living easier.

You can’t buy all things together. Start buying one-by-one and you will make your toolbox fill with important tools. Here we will discuss about the tools you can use at your household.

Everyday Tools


While talking about the off-grid living products, the first thing you will need at house or during camp life is an axe. Apart from chopping woods, an axe has also several other benefits. It is also useful to shovel ice from your doorstep. While living in a cold temperature zone, an axe is always handy.

Types of Axes

There are different types of axes available at market. While buying an axe for your camp life, you should make sure the importance of the tool and where you are going to use. Knowing the purpose is vital. Here are some popular types of axes that you may need to have one-

  • Hatches– Usually, these are of 12-14 inches of size and easy to handle. You can use it to chop small branches. It can also be used for kindling.
  • Splitting Maul– These are quite large axe as they are of 36 inches. While living in a cabin, you may need to split woods for several purposes. Having this axe in your toolbox is the solution.
  • Felling Axe– You can chop down trees with this axe. These are lighter than splitting maul and also simple to handle.
  • Tomahawk- These are of 12-20 inches. For general camp use, these are essential.
  • The Double Bit Axe– Once you have this, you don’t need to buy any other axes separately. With two edges, one is quite sharper than the other edge. One edge is used for splitting while the other edge is for splitting.

These are few types of axes you can have in your house. Choose the type according to your usage.

  • Having an axe is beneficial to remove ice from the doorstep and your lawn.
  • While camping, an axe is important to fell trees and split the woods.
  • If you have a fireman’s axe, that will help you at emergencies like, fire catching.

As such, there is no such problem of having an axe. But, if you have pets and kids in your house, you should keep it out of their reach.

Now you know how important it is to have an axe at house. Buy one and keep it with your other tools at your outhouse.

Gas-Powered Generator

Apparently, off-grid living indicates a self-help living style in a remote area where electricity is not available or have poor connection. A gas-powered generator can help you there. Often you go for camping at outskirts where electricity hasn’t reached yet.

Importance of Having a Gas-Powered Generator

  • The first thing you need to know whether you are going to buy a natural gas-powered generator or a diesel generator.
  • If you are carrying a portable generator, natural gas can be the best source starting a generator where there is no electricity. This is also an environment-friendly way to get incessant power supply.
  • Apart from this, you can also use diesel generator as a backup plan in areas where there is no power grid. For emergency power supply, diesel generators are the best choice.
  • In the present time, when fuel is highly expensive, diesel generators are quite cost-effective. It is true that the natural gas can be derived through the pipeline to use generators. But, for how long? The demand is increasing while the storage of natural gas is rapidly decreasing. At this situation, diesel generator for household is a cost-effective method.
  • If you are using natural gas-powered generator, it will not create any pungent odor that makes problem for many.
  • Places, where electricity is not readily available, gas-powered generator are the best option to illuminate.
  • These generators are portable, so you can carry it at any remote areas without any tension.
  • These are cost-effective too in comparison to powered generators.
  • Diesel engine of diesel-powered generator is quite strong and robust.

As such, there are no issues with gas-powered generators. But, you have to handle it with care. Several natural gases are quite explosive. Again, considering the present environmental condition, diesel generator is considered as major pollutant in many areas.

Using gas-powered generator is a good choice while you are camping. But, if you are in a forest, be careful that no fuel splits from it and cause any accidents.

Lawn Mower

You definitely don’t want your house to look like a haunted house. The shapeless grass will give a dirty look to your house. You will need a lawnmower to keep your house look neat and clean. You should cut grass every week at least once or twice. Buying a lawnmower will make your work quite easy and relaxing. Before buying a perfect lawnmower, you should know the essential features of the machinery.

Essential Features of a Lawnmower

  1. Know the Type before Buying– Usually, there are four types of lawnmower available at market-
  • Reel mowers or the old-fashioned mowers
  • Push mowers; these are powered by petrol and the most common types of mowers
  • Ride-on mowers are best for bigger lawns of one acre and more
  • Tow-behind mowers that are connected to tractors.
  1. Buy Self-propelled Mowers– What to do if you have to run a lawnmower on the rough terrain? Usually, the hilly region are uneven and sturdy. You need strong material for mowing there. Buy self-propelled mowers for the purpose.
  2. Go for Large Wheels– While buying, check out if the back wheels are quite larger. This is an essential feature to check out while buying a lawn mower. If you are running it on uneven terrain, these wheels can cope up with holes, high spots, rocks and tree roots.
  3. Mulching Facility– If you want to mulch the grass, you can buy a lawnmower with this facility. Usually, there is a bag attached to the machine which stores the clippings of grasses. Many people prefer to mulch grass and spread them over the lawn.
  • To get a velvet touch on your lawn, you can buy a lawnmower.
  • It can make the uneven parts plain.
  • If you buy a gas lawnmower, you can run it on a place without electricity.
  • Once you mow the lawn, the healthy shoots of grass come out.
  • The fallen shoots of grass can be used to fertilize your garden.


While living at suburbs, a hammer can be your close friend. While camping, a hammer can help you to put on a tent. To put a picture on the wall, you have to use a hammer in an off-grid area. Before buying, you can get idea about different types of hammer and their usage.

Types of Hammer

  • Claw Hammer– This is one of the most common types of hammer that you need in your regular household. While the claw is used to pull up the nails, the other side is used to fix nails. Due to its versatile usage, it must be in your tool box.
  • Ball Pein– These are basically the hammers of engineers. The rounded pein is used to shape metals, close rivets, etc. Usually, the handles are made of wood.
  • Cross and Straight Pein– Using this hammer is quite safer than other types. Usually, this type of hammer is used to start off the tack or nail. For wood working, one can use this hammer.
  • Rubber Mallet– Though this is not common in every household, still if you use a hammer to shape any metal, give a finishing touch by using a rubber mallet.
  • In an off-grid area, where you can’t use an electric drill, a hammer is your best friend.
  • Do you fix certain carpentry at home? Hammer is the thing you need.
  • For engineering purpose, ball pein hammer is essential.
  • Don’t use hammer with a cracked head. That can cause accident.
  • If the handle is loose or cracked, replace it.
  • Use the correct hammer for the particular purpose only.
  • Never strike a sturdy steel surface with a hammer. The metal chips can injure you.

There are different types of hammers and each one is for specific use. While buying one for your household, you need to know your purpose of using the hammer. Buying online is also an option to you now.

Fire Extinguisher

Last, but definitely one of the most important off-grid essentials you need to keep at house. You don’t want to face any fire-related hazards in your house and want something quick to get rid of such accidents. You should keep more than one fire extinguishers in your house. To assure the safety of your property, you should buy couple of fire extinguishers.

Features of a Fire Extinguisher

Obviously, it is essential to use at fire emergencies. But, there are other importance of having this device at house. Before buying a fire extinguisher for your household, you need to check out certain essential features of it.

  1. Size Does Matters– While buying one, you should check out this feature. The size of a fire extinguisher depends on the amount of extinguishing agent in the container. Usually, the smaller ones are weighed in pounds, while the large ones are in liters.
  2. Rechargeable or Non-rechargeable– Rechargeable fire extinguishers are beneficial as you can reuse hem only by recharging. But, if you are camping or living in a cabin, you should use a non-rechargeable one and replace it after using.
  3. Know the Types of Fire– All fire are not fueled in same method. Before buying an extinguisher, you need to know the differences. Here are the fuels to flame a fire-
  • Class A– Fueled by organic components, as paper, wood, rubber, plastics, cloth, etc.
  • Class B– Fueled by flammable liquids, like spirits, petroleum gas, solvents, oil-based paints, etc.
  • Class C– This is electrical fire, fueled by electrical damage, like short-circuiting and all.
  • Class K– This fire occurs from cooking appliances, like vegetable oils, animal fat, etc.

Depending on the types of fire, you should buy a fire extinguisher you need the most.


It extinguishes fire. You don’t need any more benefits. Still, here are some for you to know-

  • It takes small place.
  • It runs longer.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Maintenance of the device is quite easy.

There are no disadvantages of this device as it is one of the most essential device for every household. Buy it now and ensure the safety of your house.

So, these are certain off-grid living products that can make your life better. There are several other devices to which can be used when there is no electricity available. If you feel as though I’ve left any essential off grid living products, then feel free to leave a comment for be below!

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